Virginia Tech's 7th Annual Hackathon!

VTHacks is one of the oldest and largest hackathons in the region and this year we can't wait to invite students from around the world to join us for a weekend filled with creative hacks!

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VTHacks 7's target audience is college students, high school students, and other interested hackers.


Ali Mohammed

Ali Mohammed

Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy
VTHacks 7

Judging Criteria

  • Best Use of Hardware
    Best Use of Hardware (whether from the MLH Hardware Lab, or brought to the event by the team).
  • Best UX/UI
    Best User Experience and/or Interface.
  • Best Presentation
    Goes to the team with the best presentation during the demo period. "Best" in this context might include: engaging, humorous, professional, interactive, etc.
  • Glass Hack
    Most refined and technically complete hack. Achieves what it sets out to down while also being meaningful.
  • People's Choice
    Most upvoted hack on DevPost. Make sure to check out other projects after your team submits yours! Voting ends at 1:00 PM on Sunday.
  • First Hackathon Prize
    Best project made by a team primarily composed of first time hackers.
  • First Penguin
    Most unique or outside of the box hack.
  • CarMax Challenge
    In a store a vehicle has a SOLD tag placed on it when it's placed on "hold." That's where the tracking issue is. What's a more efficient way for stores to keep up with online traffic; better than an associate running out to a car to place the hold tag?
  • J.B. Hunt Challenge
  • CoStar Challenge
    CoStar Group Challenge - Best Use of Machine Learning and/or Data Science in commercial real estate
  • API Challenge: Best Use of Google Cloud
    Use any Google Cloud product in your project: - App Engine (web apps) - Firebase (mobile apps + Firebase realtime database) - Machine Learning APIs (Vision, Speech, Natural Language, Translate, Video Intelligence)
  • Capital One CHallenge
    Best Financial hack. Additionally, checkout!
  • MicroStrategy Challenge
    Best Use of MicroStrategy Embedded Analytics! Download the FREE desktop version of our product here to get started.